Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Open Source GIS

Open source desktop software for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have impressed me over the last six months.  Therefore, I have begun to expand into other open source areas, namely image processing with Opticks and, time allowing, open source web publishing tools in the months to come. At first I struggled with some of the software packages, but the hard work is beginning to pay off. My hope is to share some of the benefits, negatives, and advanced applications available to users of open source GIS.

For those looking to start using open source GIS, OSGeo.org is the place to start:

In my next few posts, I will describe some of the major open source GIS software starting with GRASS GIS, Quantum (QGIS), and Opticks remote sensing and image processing software.  In addition, I will talk about free sources of geospatial data.

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