Friday, March 16, 2012

Open Source Image Analysis Software

One area of open source GIS that needs more software is remote sensing, imagery, and its analysis and interpretation. There is an endless amount of environmetal data from remote sensing, which is free to access, but few free programs to view and analyze them.  I will briefly discuss two software programs here, and I will post additional information on them in the coming weeks.

The first is Opticks which is a great program!  It comes with the ability to add extensions for greater functionality from its community of develpers and users.   Specifically, the extensions help perform basic and complex tasks that expedite using satellite imagery.  It also comes with the ability to run Python scripts and a wizard builder (akin to Model Builder in ArcGIS).  More and continuous updates are planned for Opticks in the near future! 

The next is MultiSpec which is a lightweight program, in terms of size, but also has great functionality.  A new version was just released in late February.

In my coming posts, I will talk more about these exciting open-source software and what they can do!

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