Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Meograph - Telling Stories with Maps

Maps are frequently used as storytelling devices.  However, relatively few tools exist to facilitate the transition from a map to a story.  Meograph, which is in its beta form, provides a platform to merge the 'where' of a story with media such as videos and photographs.

Time is also an important fourth dimension here.  Meograph makes it easy for authors to progress through their stories from one date and time to the next.  Watch the Meograph Demo of the Treyvon Martin Case for an example of how compelling such melding of media and geography can be.  Narration can also be added by anyone.

Meograph is very polished and easy to use.  I created a rough draft short story of the Derecho Storm here: http://www.meograph.com/jongross.  Spatially, there are a couple of stories that could be told. I need to create better locations for storytelling.  Most importantly, although a draft, what was created was done quickly and looks good. I will work on my Meograph and we will revisit it later.

Bottom line: Creating a smooth coherent spatial story with media in Meograph is far easier than with any desktop GIS program.  Hopefully, all that time saved from creating animations will help you tell a better story.  With a quick click, your meograph can be shared through social media or embedded.

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