Thursday, July 10, 2014

QGIS 2.4 Chugiak Released

The latest version of QGIS, QGIS 2.4 Chugiak, has been released.  Interestingly, the release is named after a location in the United States: Chugiak, Alaska. New features are listed on the change log and include:
  •  Cartography
    • An inverted polygon renderer - allowing everything outside of a polygon to be styled
    • Shapeburst fill style - create a gradient from the polygon line edge to the interior
    • Long lines can be labeled at regular intervals
    • Better print composer - analogous to layout view in ArcGIS
    • Grayscale and colorblindness previews
  • Table attribute data
    • Quick field calculator bar
    • Easier to incorporate tables into maps in print composer
  • Layer style-related
    • Saving and recovering styles from Spatialite layers
    • Added support for QLR files -- analogous to layer file or*.lyr in ArcGIS
    • Shifting marker line placement - allowing the user to specify an offset
  • Metadata-related improvements
    • Applying scale and offset to raster data
    • Generating band names
    • MetaSearch Catalog Client Plugin
  • Performance
    • Multi-threaded rendering - splitting the workload between the cores in your CPU
In the near future, I will post about a few of these improvements and show examples.  Also, if you use QGIS a lot, or just like the idea of a free and open source GIS, then head over to their donation page. I know I did!

Loading screen for QGIS's latest release

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